About Us

The BPA International brand was established in 2003 and has brought together finance and industry sector specialists with proven track records and experience in the emerging market and frontier regions.

Our Directors and staff collaborate closely together, and we positively encourage thinking "out of the box" and the delivery of comprehensive and innovative solutions and we look to actively support the migration of sophisticated western techniques to the developing regions.

The Group is reinforced by an established network of representatives, affiliates and counterparties, enabling us to act discreetly and flawlessly, often providing an effective bridge between markets, countries and continents, and ensuring ready access to executives and officials in local, regional, global or multilateral financial institutions, companies and Governments.

Most importantly, as a privately owned investment bank, we are able to avoid conflicts and hidden agendas, and maintain rigorous attention to detail and idea generation, with the simple objective of delivering solutions, excellence and added value.