Investment Banking

BPA International offers services to clients worldwide, with its primary focus on transactions involving developing markets and frontier regions.


Mergers & Acquisitions
Sovereign, financial and corporate merger, sell-side, buy-side and privatisation advisory work across the full spectrum of industry sectors, including provision of re-engineering, cost, disposal and investment related feasibility studies. 

Project Finance & PPP

Project finance and the proactive development of successful Public Private Partnerships (“PPP”) with experience in devising structures to help Governments and clients optimise and manage their balance sheets and cash flows effectively. 

Debt & Equity Structures

Debt and equity capital transactions through the full spectrum from senior and subordinated debt to equity-linked and equity capital, and financing structures ranging from corporate and project finance, to cross-border trade and commodity financing, leveraged finance and management buy-outs / buy-ins. Deals closed include innovative leasing and tax efficient structures, with specialist collaboration partners in this field. The Group is committed to fostering the development of multi-sourcing solutions, primarily through the inclusion of funding from ECAs, multilaterals and NGOs. 

Financial Restructuring & Engineering

Comprehensive hands on advisory assistance in the fields of balance sheet, financial and operational restructuring and re-engineering, including work-outs, debt reduction or conversion and sell-off and realisation strategies.


  • Telecommunications – comprehensive sector coverage of all areas from traditional fixed wire and cellular to new technologies.
  • Transport – comprehensive sector coverage ranging from the vehicles themselves through to the roads and rail systems, sea ports and airports.
  • Energy – all sector areas from electricity generation and distribution, through the new energy technologies, including bio-fuels, solar and waste to energy systems.
  • Water & Waste Management Sector – from the provision of potable water through to waste management and related waste to energy systems.


Natural Resources
Broad sector coverage ranging from agriculture through mining and oil and gas, including pipelines, exploration and development, upstream and downstream sectors.

Real Estate Development, Improvement & Investment

Development and investment in residential, leisure, mixed use, farming and commercial property.