United Kingdom

BHP Billiton Plc (metals and mining) – advised on the financial restructuring of global mining group through a 6 year period until 2001 with activities including the structuring and placement of a comprehensive US$ 1.5 billion core bank syndicated loan facility that assisted in the successful relocation from South Africa to the UK and listing on the FTSE 100, and US$ 100 million convertible buy-back program.

Fazakerley Prison (PPP) - structuring and placing a STG£ 95.5 million financing to design, build and operate a private prison in the UK for the sponsors Tarmac and Group 4. This was the first Private Finance Initiative project financing, which established the framework for all subsequent PFI and PPP projects.

National Grid Holding Company (telecoms) - evaluation of the Energis business plan.

BT Group plc (telecommunications) - advised on the financial and operational restructuring prior to privatization.

Connectus Direct (retail technology) - acted as an adviser on structuring and tax issues related to the acquisition of Hyper Productions.

Verizon Communications Inc (telecoms) - mandated to produce a study on the growth in connections, revenues and margins for all the major UK fixed and mobile operators.

Kingston Communication Limited (“KC”) (telecoms) – advised in a dispute over the interpretation of a UK Government sponsored educational intranet/internet network. The assignment required examination of legal and contractual documents between prime and sub-contract parties and production of a technical report for legal counsel.

Inclarity Ltd (telecoms) - mandated by this leading independent UK minutes aggregation and VoIP operator to stem the potential loss of revenue due to low answer seizure ratio to a Middle East mobile operator. The review included the collection and analysis of detailed SS7 ISUP signaling data, and as a result, ASR was improved by between 10-15%, improving company profitability.

OFCOM (telecoms) - mandated to produce technical papers and reports for the UK Regulator’s Strategic Review of Telecoms Numbering, including operational aspects of PSTN and IP based addressing schemes, fraud and billing systems, focussing on the migration from switched to packet based systems.

Volo Ltd (telecoms) - managed the successful rollout of the communications strategy for this in-train entertainment system company. Responsibility for all carriage and trackside IP-based communications systems, including IP addressing for system rollout.

Damovo UK Ltd (telecoms) - conducted a study into the provision of an internet-based call center based in Scotland to serve the international golfing community. UK - South Western Electricity plc (telecoms) - advised on prospects for telecommunications market entry.