Fund Management

In August 2013 BPA International formalised its activities through the establishment of a SICAV-SIF fund management platform in Luxembourg which is regulated by the CSSF.

This “alternative beta” fund platform focusses on alternative investment strategies where the fund managers and advisors are able to exploit “active alpha” to generate superior yields.

The strategy is to ensure capital preservation through investment in opportunistic or unusual situations where market disconnects are perceived to be driving potential IRR beyond market norms, and where the investment will benefit from an active hands-on approach.

The present focus areas of the fund platform have been identified by the team as:

  • Aircraft Leasing
  • Natural Resources
  • Media, Entertainment & Internet
  • Infrastructure
  • Real Estate Development, Improvement & Investment

The platform represents a totally unique concept, and benefits include:

  • Low and actively managed risk – funds will not be correlated to other investment products and are being deliberately designed to withstand any future global market collapses and preserve capital;
  • Prospects for a very high yield – funds are targeting niches caused by global market and other imbalances which can generate exceptional yields;
  • Promoting wider social and economic benefits – the desire to help to improve the world we live in is written into the DNA of BPA International.

Bespoke compartments can also be tailor designed by BPA International for well informed investors that intend to commit a minimum of US$ 30 million to create their own unique sub-fund.

BPA International is supported by capable external fund managers and leading service providers, and sub-funds feature dedicated industry experts (advisors) and evaluation specialists.

External Fund Managers



Key Service Providers to the Platform